My First Post

Mar 02, 2014

My very first blog, ever. The first post on this new website was kindly written for me by my talented (and super fast) web site designer, Chris Cheshire. Contact me to get his number. I promise you that you will not be disappointed!

The first words you read when you open my site are “Communication is Key”. I believe that communication is the penultimate requirement to a successful relationship, and the relationship between you and your accountant is one of the most important professional relationships you will have. The communication must be two sided and it ought to be personalised. I do not bombard my clients with newsletters or generally useless emails. I will email you, my client, when you need to know something that is pertinent to your business or to your tax affairs.

And you must contact me as soon as there is a potential change or new venture in your business. For example, should you be looking to purchase a new vehicle, you will need to determine the best way of ‘paying’ for the vehicle. Or should you contemplate buying a rental property, talk to me first so that we can arrange the right ownership structure or the right ownership percentages to ensure that your tax liabilities are minimised to the full extent of the tax laws.

That is enough from me now. I will endeavour to post a new blog from time to time. I imagine the contents of most of my blogs will be tax tips – we can never have too many of those!