e-tax – beware of Crooks and Fraudsters

Jul 29, 2014

Be very, very, very careful out there.  I am hearing that some people are choosing to lodge their own returns on e-tax.  That’s fine (? sort of not really), but the problem is that there are SHONKS and CROOKS out there who are purporting to look like the free ‘e-tax’ but they are not!!!  You log in to their sites, give them your information, and you end up paying them for the service of lodging your return!  I am not saying these people are not registered tax agents – they might be, or they might not be.  But one thing is for sure – they are taking money from some poor unsuspecting clients who really can’t afford the services of a tax agent and who didn’t want to use a tax agent in the first place!

The e-tax that the ATO provides is COMPLETEY FREE!!!!  Please ensure that you log in to the ATO web site to downloand the FREE e-tax software to your own computer!  Then the process is entirely in your control – you do not pay anyone a cent.