Claiming Superannuation Deductions

Jul 07, 2014

Claiming Your Superannuation Contributions as Tax Deductions

If you plan to claim a tax deduction for the superannuation contributions you made as a self-employed individual (assuming you have satisfied all of the rules to be able to do so), you must notify your super fund in writing before you lodge your tax return for the year.

Moreover, your super fund must reply back to you confirming the Notice that you have sent them! If you claim a super deduction without this confirmation from your fund, you will not only have your deduction knocked back, but you will get into trouble for signing the declaration in the return stipulating that you DID receive this confirmation….

Notifying the Fund in writing is a simple matter – you will most likely just be able to download the appropriate form from your Fund’s website. If not, call them and ask them to send you the form.